We are a family business, 100% Portuguese, with more than 45 years of history, whose concern with environmental and social sustainability goes back to our origins.

We want that our activity and processes be as sustainable as possible and to promote a fairer, healthier and greener present and future.

Environmental Sustainability

We believe that the preservation of the environment depends on the attention and action of each one in favor, not only, of a healthier and more sustainable future, but also of a present with a better quality of life, for all.


As Environmental Sustainability is one of our priorities, we seek to be actively attentive, in the search for solutions aimed at protecting and improving the environment.


Among our actions that promote environmental care, we highlight:

Social Sustainability

Since the beginning, we have developed and encouraged a proactive attitude in addressing human needs, not only internally, but also of the society around us.

In this sense:

For life!


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